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Terms of Use

     Thank you for choosing to use our brand SMS Marketing service on our platform!

     By using the services provided by us, you have agreed to all the "Terms of Service" provided by us below and are responsible for your own behavior, specifically:

1. General provisions

     Customers can only use tool to serve marketing activities and customer care to develop their business activities.
     You do not post your avatar, corporate logo, title or message content that is depraved, violent, reactionary or violates the laws of the host country.
     Customers must not upload code snippets that are capable of executing unauthorized interference commands to the system or intentionally fine-tune the system in addition to the allowed editing features.
     Customers are solely responsible for the data if accidentally steals passwords and login information. Please contact the Board of Directors immediately if it is suspected that it will occur for timely remedy.
     Customers agree that the contents of SMS Marketing on are absolutely not abusive to others, do not misrepresent the truth, do not discriminate against any race, region, nor violate the fine customs of host country.
     We reserve the right to change the terms at any time and we will email you whenever the content of the terms is updated.

2. Lock the admin account

     We will lock and disable your account if you break one of the following cases:

     We have detected that you are in breach of the commitments set forth in the General Rules section above.
     When individuals and other organizations report customers' violations with specific evidence.

3. Reopen the account

     To reopen your account, please contact support via email, if you show a reasonable reason and commit to complying with the above regulations, we will consider reopening your account. Time to check, verify and re-open the service within 24 hours after you make a complaint.